Here We Are

-->Here we are at the beginning of a breakthrough, the beginning of a breakthrough in what it means to pull together, as a community, to make something extraordinary happen in the world.
In most cases, it takes a tragedy or disaster of great proportion for people to wake up from the tranquilized obviousness of day-to-day life, to be awakened to their own humanity, their love for others, and the possibility of interacting and working together inside of a purpose bigger than oneself.
Rarely, if ever, does the opportunity of working together at this level get brought forth from nothing, inside of the spirit of what's possible and devoid of something being wrong or needing to be fixed.
To take on what we have taken on requires extraordinary courage, incredible authenticity, and the will to cause something -- from nothing -- that was not going to happen anyway.
I am extremely honored by who you are and what we have taken on together.
You are awesome!


  1. How true...The blessing is to remain in a state of awareness and awe, to look for the beauty in life, the goodness in others, the positive instead of the negative. To strive to be better ourselves and accept others for who they are so far in their journey. To find joy in serving others and to grasp the fact that serving our fellow travelers, to have the opportunity to have them color our lives with who they are is an honor.

    1. You are so amazing! So very wise that which you wrote. Blessings to you.


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