Creating a Possibility

Here is an observation I made about myself. I make it all up.

I'm known to be a rather eclectic individual with interests and success in several areas of my life.
I've always had a "fear" of being dominated by just one thing.
In other words I avoided becoming a "master" of anything.
Thinking that variety is the spice of life.

However one possible interpretation could be that I'm terrified of success in the realm of being the "authority".
I fear this authorship would give me too much accountability and too much exposure to criticism.
I go around pretending I'm calloused to other people's opinions when the truth is I exist in caution of their criticism and fear of being "deceived"

The cost to my life is unfulfilled potential. I feel cheated.
The cost to others is profound value and service.

Who I am creating myself to be is the possibility of Enlightenment
And poetic Self Expression.